Time to Read

There’s always much more to do than I think as the days approach my publication date. This time, my task list was much longer because I’m releasing TWO books on August 15: Turning to Color and Welcome to Garden Valley.

I have to admit, the last two weeks have been quite overwhelming. I had to finish my final edits to Welcome to Garden Valley. I had to register my ISBN’s on the Bowker website. My website needed an all-over update.

I got through it, thankfully, by chipping away at each task every day. I have a quote at my desk: Little by little each day until the task is done. This helped me a great deal towards the end when I swore my list was multiplying like bunnies instead of the items dropping off.

Alas, I got everything done, and the result is that both of my books are out there to be read. So, go ahead, read the free book, Welcome to Garden Valley. Download or purchase a copy of Turning to Color from Amazon, and, as always, enjoy!

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