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If left unchecked, I can easily get pulled into the rapids of my current worries. Since I’m currently deep into the editing process of my current novel, some days I am unable to see the small achievements I’ve made along the way. Even though I’m diligently editing my book on a daily basis, I am struggling with getting over how I’m not going to make my July publishing deadline. Yes, this date was self-made, but I was filled with disappointment when I realized I’m not going to be ready in time.

I was on a walk the other day with a friend who I was giving an update on my editing struggles and she reminded me how far I’ve come in just nine months. By journaling what I’ve gone through to be at the very spot I’m in now, I realized she’s right!

I started making a list of what I’ve already accomplished to get to the point of editing and was startled to see how long it was.

First and foremost, last August I rekindled my passion for writing. Sure, at times I want to go back to that month and smack myself for getting back into it, but the rewards of writing have far outweighed the struggles. I’ve written nearly every day since August, 2020, which is in itself is an accomplishment.

I’ve written three books, started two others, have over thirty story ideas, and have either scribbled or typed out over 350,000 words!

I haven’t given up, even when the urge has been strong.

I’m deep into editing the third full book I’ve written since August and have kept myself open to different plot possibilities. This is big since when I first started writing in August I didn’t want to change anything about my writing. Now, I embrace all of the editing that needs to take place, and realize it will make my book stronger. (It will, it will, it will).

I’ve set up an LLC and filed all that paperwork to ensure that JeanBooks is mine.

I hired an amazing artist to bring my logo into reality (reveal coming soon!).

Perhaps my biggest triumph has been tackling my technological fears and starting this website. Yes, for me this was a giant leap, but I did it and found it’s not nearly as difficult as what I worked up in my mind.

I’ve had two professional editors read my book and have made several lengthy (painful?) edits.

Last weekend I read a book called “Structuring Your Novel,” by K.M. Weiland. It was extremely helpful, especially when I coupled it with the advice from Sarra Cannon. I’ve been resisting the step of walking my book through a storyboard (which can be a whole post in itself), but pushed my ego aside and went for it. This exercise was incredibly helpful! While it sprung another round of heavy edits, it will make the story stronger in the end.

I haven’t given up on my passion, and all of this is in my spare time. Raising children, getting through my busy work season, and sticking to my workout routine are also priorities that need daily attention as well.

And while this list and post isn’t intended to give myself an inflated pat on the back or by any means say I’m better than anyone else, it has kept my focus on my goal: to become a self-published author in 2021.

So if you’re down on not meeting a goal or realizing it’s going to take longer than you thought to accomplish, think back on the milestones you have already achieved. Chances are, you’ve made it further down the road that you think!

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