Publish and Thrive-Changing My Strategy

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted a blog. (This isn’t my first time saying this, is it?). Someone told me to be careful what I post and not make this blog a personal diary. While I don’t think I’m doing that 100% of the time, it kept me from posting anything. 

I’m happy to say I’m back with much to report!

I’ve been spending a lot of time on my writing life the last month. I’m excited to go through Sarra Cannon’s Publish and Thrive course again. This is a six-week course going through everything to do with self-publishing. I have felt stuck lately, not quite knowing how to get readers. My main goal is to come up with more of a strategy so I’m not only hoping to reach readers, but implementing actions to do so. I’ll be making YouTube videos and posting blogs about what I’m doing to change things up.

My first strategy is to go wide with my books. This means I’m going to sell my books on more platforms than Amazon. There isn’t anything wrong with being exclusive to Amazon, but I have yet to find success in doing so. (More to come on this!).

As far as the course goes: it’s amazing! Sarra has orchestrated a professional course with a wealth of information. I’m generally excited about my writing career, and this is exactly what I need to level up. 

The course has six modules, each with five to seven hours of videos. There’s also a two-hour question-and-answer call on Saturdays. My first time through the course, I could barely keep up. I didn’t know much about the industry, and while the course was highly valuable, it was a bit overwhelming. I was able to implement what I could at that time, and now that I have published three books, I feel like I have enough experience to continue on to my next level. 

Perhaps the most exciting thing is that I’m not stagnant anymore! It can be deflating and somewhat frustrating to try everything you know and not have any sales. With this course, there are many ideas of how to not only publish…but thrive.

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