Logo Reveal!

I’m excited to reveal my Jean Books logo! I worked with an amazing designer, Jose Mata, who was able to turn my vision into this beautiful logo. The coloring credit goes to The Sign Dude, a Southern Oregon family business. Both businesses worked through my pickiness to complete my design, and I love it!

What do you think?

This reveal has been long-awaited and needed to be preceded by having my book, Switching to Light, available for preorder. It’s a long story, but the preorders are now available on Amazon! (For ebook only).

If you read my last post about pushing on, you’ll know that it’s been a long process full of many bumps (potholes!) along the way. It has been rewarding, however, to sit back and look at the progress I’ve made. 

Have you gone through the self-publishing process? What kinds of hiccups did you have? 

Let me know what you think of my JeanBooks logo!

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