Getting My Manuscript Back Early!

The second book in my series has already been with a developmental editor, but when I was finished making the changes it still felt like it wasn’t ready. It was gently massaged instead of somebody grabbing a shovel and digging in deep. I felt this way with my first book even after going through several edits. It’s difficult to toy with spending months of time continuing to edit a book instead of simply publishing it. I found an amazing editor on Reedsy, hired her, and hoped for the best. 

My new editor said she would have my manuscript back on April 30. As a planner I had figured on a whole weekend of locking myself away once I got it back to get through as many chapters and edits as quickly as possible. I planned activities for my family and was rushing to write as many words in another book as possible before getting my manuscript back. But, as life has it, I had an unexpected, but good, change of plans. 

I didn’t receive my manuscript on April 30, I received it at 10:30 PM on Sunday, April 24… Six days early! While I was shocked by this, I was thrilled to have an extra week with it.

There I was, laying in bed Sunday night and ready to allow my body some much needed rest after a day of writing 10,000 words, working out, being with my family, and cooking and cleaning when I received the message. I couldn’t help myself from taking a peek at the editors notes. 10 pages awaited my review and revision of my next book! There were compliments, suggestions, and telling of cutting sections and character quirks. I tore myself away from the review and fell asleep that night, excited that I would have the opportunity to dig in after work the next day.

The next morning came and you’d think I would throw my covers aside and hop out of bed with the fresh excitement from having my book back. 


I awoke with a slight sinking feeling. It’s hard to ignore the overwhelm of going through 300 pages and weaving hundreds of changes throughout. I knew, however, that it would be unusual to dive into 100,000 words and not feel like I’m drowning. Throughout my short self publishing adventure I’ve learned that I’m far from the only person who feels like I’m climbing a mountain coated with ice. Still, I continued with my workout that morning, trying to pinpoint the reason for a low feeling when I should be excited to have my book back early. Now I get to move forward and get it ready for publishing!

Luckily, I picked myself up from the weight of overwhelm that was dragging me down. What I set out to do was not only find someone who would give me good feedback, but find a long-term editor. I want someone who will help improve my writing and my books. 

After reading through ALL her comments and through the ten pages she gave me, I realized: I found her!

When I realized this, an up bust of excitement overcame me. Not only did I have my book back early, but I literally had hundreds of changes to make it best it can be. 

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