Cover and Name Reveal!

The time is here to reveal my next book’s cover and name! Are you ready?



While this is a work of fiction, this book was inspired by my friend, Lisa. Lisa has a YouTube channel called Coping With Yarn where she offers tips to deal with mental health struggles (which we all have!). Lisa is an avid crocheter and makes all kinds of high quality critters and designs. (Yes, I realize that crocheter isn’t a real word, but didn’t want to label Lisa as a ‘hooker’).

About Coping With Yarn:

Everyone always says, ‘don’t quit your day job’ when they learn about your hobbies, but this isn’t exactly Lisa’s choice.

Lisa has always wanted more time to crochet and make her YouTube videos. She unexpectedly finds this wish to come true. While this change comes with a price tag, piecing together new forms of income becomes somewhat of a game. Will Lisa convince her family that staying home to work is worth an income?

Lisa’s videos have always been an inspiration for Ariel. It’s the opportunity that Ariel has been dreaming of since she was five: a chance to run away to a place where her two dads won’t find her. What better place than to go to where Lisa lives in Garden Valley?

When these two opposites come together, they find that each has something to offer the other. Hopefully, Lisa can offer Ariel advice that doesn’t overstep her bounds. And hopefully, Lisa won’t dig too far to find Ariel’s biggest secret.


So, what do you think of the cover? I have a wonderful cover artist, who is quick and very receptive to my vision and any tweaks I have. Leave me a message if you’d like his information.

I hope you find as much fun reading this book as I had writing it!

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