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I’m always surprised by how time works. It’s been over two weeks since I posted my last blog. It feels like I posted it yesterday and yet I also thought it was forever ago.

Time is working the same for my book. It feels like I just wrote it, and yet, like I’ve been editing it forever. Part of me wants to publish it already while the other part wants to keep it trapped in my computer forever, never allowing outside eyes to judge its content.

Will I push through these fears and publish?



Ehh, that’s still up in the air. (Hopefully October at the latest!)

I can say that my story is getting closer, but I’ve been saying that for a couple of months now. This time, I do mean it. No longer am I knee deep in developmental edits, making sure that the plot and subplots tie together correctly and that personalities are solid. I have ‘this and that’ to tweak before my amazing editor gets my manuscript again, but even this won’t mean it’s the last pass through.

My plot on the timeline is the edit before the last edit. Make sense? I still have a line-by-line edit as well as the final copy edit.  I’ve gone through the developmental edits, which I’m hoping means the most difficult times are behind me. I’m making my way to the front door of the line-by-line edit. No, I don’t think this step is necessary for all writer’s, but I am a newbie and need help with sentence structure.

There, I said it, and I’m not ashamed!

The majority of people don’t become an expert in something magically overnight or on their own. I’m so lucky to have a skilled and patient editor who is stepping me through the process to strengthen my writing and teach me along the way.

While I am anxious for time to go by so I can start my publishing journey, I also want to submit my best possible work at this stage in my writing career. I’ve been keeping a quote by my computer that says “Don’t stop until you’re proud.” This helps put the breaks on my racing mind. Every day that I work on my editing, cover art, or put time towards the Publish And Thrive class from Sarra Cannon I’m inching toward my goal.

Time will go by no matter how fast or slow it feels … and the day WILL come when my book is published!


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