From A to Z: Who knew the alphabet could be so much fun?

From A to Z eBook Final

Life is good until the ex-husband shows up.

For the last two years, Zooey Swanson has built a small business from the ground up while raising two boys as a single parent. She’s living the dream until her ex-husband charges back into their lives, suddenly demanding custody of the children he’d seemingly forgotten. Burned by the flames of a failed marriage, Zooey has focused her energy on her kids and business, swearing off ever finding love again. That is, until she meets Anthony.

From A to Z is a slow-burn love story that wades through Zooey’s journey of entrepreneurship, single parenthood, and juggling the sizzle of a budding romance. Will Zooey sabotage this blossoming connection while duking it out in the courts against her ex-husband, or will she lean into the fate of finding true love?