First 3 Days Free!

Coping With Yarn is live! While I am hoping to recover some of the expenses of this book, I am even more excited about it getting into the hands of readers. 

As such, I have set the e-book for free for this weekend only! If you download the e-book between December 16 and 18 it will be free. I ask that you take a minute to give me an honest review. This helps me so much in the advertising game. 

This is my third Garden Valley book, with MANY more in the works for next year! Here is the summary that I hope will convince you to follow this series. 🙂

Lisa wants nothing more than to crochet and make YouTube videos. After losing her job, Lisa’s wish to pursue her dreams unexpectedly becomes a reality. This change comes with a price tag and a new secret she desperately wants to keep from her mom and sister. Lisa loves her new freedom but is tasked with piecing together enough income to prove herself worthy.

Ariel has always found Lisa’s videos inspirational. It’s the opportunity that Ariel has been dreaming of: a chance to run away to a place where her dad won’t find her. What better place to hide than in Garden Valley?

When Lisa and Ariel navigate their paths together, they help one another through life’s challenges. The little town of Garden Valley invites one teen to start over and stay strong while Lisa searches inside for her own strength.

So, get your free copy and let me know what you think!

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